Pros and Cons of dating a blogger

Pros and Cons of dating a blogger


We have all been there. We see some chick in instagram travelling the world with her boyfriend or some guy in facebook travelling, writing and enjoying his life, and wonder…I wish I had that life. Or at least I wish I dated them.

Before you jump into the blogger wagon, read this !
Pros and Cons of dating a blogger
Bloggers ! Those amazing sexy people who are “actually living their lives” and my opinion after dating one:
1) Be ready to be photographed and videotaped( not the sexy cool kinda way ) :
              You are not the type of girl/guy who likes to be photographed ? Then a blogger ain’t for you ! When u tell him ” Honey, I look horrible. Please don’t take a picture “. His response is ” Hold my beer”! He will want to take a hundred pictures, of everything! Wanna go to the grocery store to buy a Mahou? Better wear high heels and lipstick coz bitch you gonna be in his Instagram live feed in 2 mins. So better not go out in your ugly ass t-shirt and jammies. Wanna go grab a sandwich? Great! Just wait for 2 minutes until he finishes taking pictures of your food. That sandwich ain’t gonna post itself in Instagram!
2) Be ready to acknowledge fame :
           You are walking around in retiro holding hands, feeling romantic, warm and fuzzy inside. All you want to do is sit under some tree and kiss him until you can’t breathe. Bam! There comes a random guy asking “Hola! I think I have seen you somewhere! Are you Juan from ““? ”  Buhbye breathless kissing!  Buhbye lying on the grass watching the clouds! You’re just going to be the audience for “How can YOU improve your spanish for the next 20 mins”.
3) Ex-girlfriends!!!
        I am a pretty cool chick. I am as open minded as the come! You wanna talk about your ex? Cool. Go ahead. You wanna tell me how you did “mojar el churro” with her in the back of a car ? I would give you a high five and say “Damn dawg ! That’s cool” It’s totally cool. We all have dated different people. Everyone has a past. Oh, boy! But dating a blogger can change your perspective!
    Did I really have to know how “Maria’s lips were roses”? Did I ? Well, we’ll never know.
Think that’s it ? Surprise, surprise I have more!
Have you ever seen your boyfriend while he was with his ex? The chances of that happening are quite slim, isn’t it? But what if the guy you are dating is a famous youtuber or an instagrammer ? I will tell u exactly what happens..
You are lying in bed one day, missing him. Or in other words ‘You watched all the episodes of GoT and don’t know what to do with your life anymore’.
You decide to watch his videos. One thing leads to another and  you end up watching 8 videos of him with 3 of his exes where he calls one of the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen, as his girlfriend. And you are there, lying in bed, wearing your bunny rabbit shorts and mascara running down your eyes.
Aaah! Good times! ( I know, I know…. I didn’t have to watch them. But, curiousity is a bitch!)
Well, then why am I dating him? Good question. Coz these three are three tiny drops in an ocean. No! Not an ocean of bad things. An ocean of great things! Wanna know what? Keep reading !
1) Pictures, pictures and more pictures! :
                I hardly take pictures. Which means that I have no pictures from my birthday celebrations, anniversaries, valentines day… Nothing! Zilch!
But Do not worry! Your blogger guy to the rescue! Now, you have pictures of everything. That is, pictures of every single day you spent with him, even when u wake up at 8 am looking like a tired panda. That is, he finds you beautiful 24×7. If he didn’t he wouldn’t be taking pictures! U have a 100 memories of the wonderful time you spend together ! And finally, you have pictures of yourself so that at least your grand kids would know how (horrible) grandma looked like when she was in her 20s.
That's me and him. (This is from one of my favourite comics: catana comics)
2) Time :
          I work 10-12 hours a day and take language lessons. In other words, I have no life. People have to make appointments to meet me and I have to find time for everything and everyone. When you date someone who works the same hours as you, you both just end up not having time for each other.
But that is never gonna happen if you are dating a blogger. Don’t get me wrong! They do work and they work a lot! But timings can be flexible. I can go over at 7pm or 3pm. Feeling a bit blue? I can text him at 11am while I am at work saying that I need a hug and I will get a reply within minutes. Instant hugs, y’all.
Also, he will find the time to get you the best organic grape juice, sriracha and tea ( coz I like my cuppa’ Morning Joe far far away from me, possibly in someone else’s hand. And yeah, Tea rocks! ) Now, that’s the kind of guy I wanna be with forever!
3) He knows everything :
      We all go to the same 2 or 3 restaurants and bars in Latina, whenever you go out with your friends. Of course you want to explore more places, but who has the time? And who knows all the best restaurants in town? Well, why fear when your blogger is here. He will take you to cocktail bars, ramen places, burger joints, sushi places or old spanish bars serving orejas. He knows them all!
Wanna get a good massage? A good lawyer? A great bookstore which has english books? A store which sells okra? He knows ’em all! Coz he knows blogger friends who know them all.
4) Inspiration :
       All of us would like to work on something we love. And luckily, I do. So I am happy to work. But, like everyone I have bad days too. Then you come back home, see your blogger lover working his ass off at 9pm because, hey, there are no working hours! And yeah, Bloggers struggle for years before they become famous and successful. You think about the number of years he as struggled, think about your 1 year at work and suddenly feel like your problems are nothing compared to his years of struggle. You walk around in retiro and people stop to talk to your blogger boyfriend? Be damn proud coz he worked his ass off to achieve that fame, and hey, now people know you as the girl he’s dating! You are famous too! (Ok. Only if you like fame. I don’t like fame, but I can adjust to the concept coz it makes me proud of who he is).
5) Free food :
   Dating a food blogger? You get to go to some of the best restaurants and if your boyfriend or date is good at what he does, then you get to eat free food. Coz SPONSERS, biatch! Someone literally pays your partner to just eat and write about food. If that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is. Isn’t that what we all wanna do? Eat jelly filled doughnuts and write about them!
True story !
So to conclude…..
Should you want to date a blogger ?
The answer is “DAMN, YES!” .
Take it from a girl who has, is and hopefully(not to sound too head over heels) will always be dating this blogger!
I wouldn’t trade him for a million euros ( maybe for ten million or a double cheeze pizza :p)

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